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Inmobiliaria Osuna

Since the Noga Group started its activities, it has concentrated on real estate development. Since the first of the companies was established in 1962, it has continued to grow, attaining a consolidated position in the sector. We aim to meet all our customers’ requirements (main home, beach home, etc.) from one angle: quality.

In the over 40 years the Group has been a constant presence in the real estate sector, the Group has built, completed and delivered over ninety thousand homes, a large volume that represents one of the main indicators of the importance of our activity.

Inmobiliaria Osuna en Sevilla

Inmobiliaria Osuna en Granada
Structure and Management
The organisational and management centre of INMOBILIARIA OSUNA, S.L. is located in the city of Granada.
Our management strategies and technological systems are permanently adapted to respond to the changing economic environment and to adapt our offering to the different markets where we operate. This management structure is based on a corporate culture of effort and improvement, which, together with very ambitious professional development objectives leads to the commitment of our team. This contributes to the organisation of a highly committed environment, with a better future for our shareholders, customers and collaborators.

The Commercial and the Technical Divisions are especially important in the Property Development Department.

The entire production apparatus depends on the Technical Division, from the very start with drawing up the project, plans, specifications and budget, until the final completion, which ends when the product is delivered to the customer.

The Commercial Division establishes the basic data of the type, layout and basic requirements of the product based on permanent market studies, so that the market can be penetrated immediately when it is put on sale and demand can always be met.

Using these data, the Technical Division prepares projects in coordination with external professionals with recognised experience (architects, town planners, engineers, surveyors and others) so that the activities are performed appropriately in optimum conditions.

There is a Branch in every location (or interesting commercial area) with commercial and technical services, as well as the resources needed to manage them efficiently.

Every Branch is structured into three offices, coordinated by a Branch Manager: one Technical, one Commercial and another Administrative.
At the same time, there are Area Managers who supervise the operation of the branches in their area and whose objective is to search and study new business opportunities. All the Branches have permanent communication systems with the Central Departments. In this respect, we should mention that we are constantly investing in the latest computer technologies.
Inmobiliaria Osuna en Motril, Granada
Geographical Expansion
At the moment there are branches in the following places: