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Requirements to view this page correctly

The minimum requirements for correctly viewing this website are:
  • A PC or MAC, which have the browsers Internet Explorer (v4+) / Mozilla (v1+) installed, with Flash 9 support technology and 500 MHz and 256 MB of RAM memory.
  • Monitor with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels, although it can be viewed in 800x600; true colour.
  • JavaScript activated for certain special page functions.

Advanced search for housing and property

The simple search is performed by using the map at the top of the webpage, clicking on a province.
We offer you the possibility of looking for properties by filtering the results by:
  • Province, city or area where the development is located.
  • Property type: house, flat, business unit, storeroom, parking space, etc.
  • Number of rooms in the property required.
You can play around with the parameters to limit the results.
See the search page by clicking here

The favourite properties system

What is it?
Are you looking for a property and have found that you are interested in several of our offers?
If you would like us to provide you with information about more than one property, all you have to do is surf through those developments or properties that you are interested in and click the button “Add to my favourite developments”.
How does it work?
You only have to add those promotions you are interested in by clicking on the button “Add to my favourite developments”. You can look at your favourite developments of properties by clicking on the button “See my favourite developments” in a development or property. You can also delete those you are not interested in the same drop down menu.
When you have finished surfing the website and you have decided on some developments or properties, go to the section “Request for information” in any development or property and you will see that the system remembers which ones you added to favourites and our customer service departments will deal with all your requests at the same time.

Google maps

You can view the exact location seen from the sky of a promotion or the place where it is located thanks to Google Maps. All you have to do is visit the “Location” section of any development and click on the flashing button “See in Google Maps'

Msn and Skype

You can use two totally free methods to get in touch with us: MSN Messenger and Skype. These two free instant messaging programmes can be downloaded from the pages and

Contact Inmobiliaria Osuna

Visit our contact form for general issues and use our favourites system for requests for information on developments or properties.